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Tom Kane

AI in Sales Forecasting

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In operations, there’s evidence.  There are metrics.  There are transactions.  Coming into the sales operations world I found that a number of years ago that there was the discussion of about ‘sales is art versus science’ and I was always on this side of feeling it’s more science than art.  Maybe that’s a controversial position but you know, as the world is unfolded, tools like artificial intelligence and the way deals move through pipeline, which is all basically down to, you know, human behaviors and psychology and emotional buying, versus relationships and things like that. So the softer side where people feel that there is an art to it, you can actually start to predict some of those patterns and how people move and buy. If you have enough data, you can certainly use tools like that to start to make a prediction of where you’re going to be by the end of a quarter, by the end of a month, in a year from now, based on the activity that you have in your system. And I think that is pretty critical, and I started working with SalesChoice and their CEO, Dr Cindy Gordon, back in my days at OpenText when they were a start-up. I kept giving feedback on developing this tool, and I’m really proud to say that the tool is is mature now and it’s getting to a point where it is a very, very useful insight into anyone sales pipeline and the activities that go on beneath it and how you can use that to coach your sales team to better results.


Tom Kane currently resides in Waterloo Ontario where he heads up a global team of sales professionals that bring solutions to the advanced manufacturing industry using lasers, in a form of augmented reality.

Throughout his career, he has held various senior positions in sales, manufacturing and operations with high growth companies such as: Igloo Software, D2L, OpenText and others.

Tom has also owned his own sales and distribution business to satisfy his entrepreneurial spirit. He has crossed over many industries including enterprise software, aerospace and medical devices. His years of experience implementing business systems in both SME and large organizations has given him a unique insight in realization of value for customer purchases.

Tom also gives his time to coaching and mentoring both startups and new managers through Communitech in Waterloo Ontario.

Tom holds an MBA from the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.