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Rick Campbell – Selling and Giving Back

Listen to “Selling and Giving Back” on Spreaker.

I think it’s this factual if you can truly help understand what people are going through and where they are and what their job is and get a little touch of the personal life in there. You are going to be able to connect with them and help them out. I think that by putting our self interest and our commission checks as a secondary thought, putting the customer and their needs and their company needs first, I think that’s going to truly propel you to be one of the better players in the game.

With over two decades of strategic selling and management experience across Marketing Tech,
Cyber Security, Telcoms and Business Intelligence, Rick has the haircut and stories to prove it.
He is currently heading up the sales efforts at StoryTap, a new DIY marketing technology that
allows brands to create, collect and share videos at scale from customer, fans and employees.
He loves blending the science and art of selling and believes that being an active listener is one
of the best skills an individual can nurture. And he has a policy, “No Jerks Allowed”.

Social Info:
Twitter – @rick_campbell