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Our Recruiting Process Quickly Explained

Our mission is to provide the best talent for your recruiting needs. We are committed to providing recruiting services of the highest quality. In the course of our searches, we adhere to high ethical standards and an extremely demanding code of integrity, objectivity and confidentiality.  Most important to a successful recruiting project is a thorough understanding of your operation, the specific requirements and candidate expectations. After in-depth discussions with you or your staff, we determine the requirements, responsibilities, education and personal qualities necessary to be successful in the position. Equally important, we learn to understand your culture.

Our recruiting process is conducted through research, networking, and relationships.  We do not recruit the active 15% of the talent pool. We contact the people who are not actively looking. These candidates are unreachable except through a surgical recruiting approach. They are, however, people who may be interested in an opportunity when it is brought to their attention in a professional and discreet manner.

As Partners, we determine your talent branding message, and spread that in the marketplace.

Our recruiting inquiries are in strict confidence, and your company is not identified until a candidate expresses definite interest in the position. If we feel there is a fit, we then take steps to recruit the candidate.

When one or more candidates express interest in the opportunity, we evaluate them based on their qualifications, their stability, and their performance. We present for interview only those individuals who best fit the assignment profile. Following any interview, we debrief both you and the candidate, to ascertain the candidate's interest, provide additional information and resolve any misunderstandings. Both our Clients and Candidates have a wonderful experience during the process.  We can assist in composing and extending the offer and in negotiating, on your behalf. Once the offer is extended, we facilitate a prompt acceptance and early starting date.You - and clients like you, have been the cornerstone of our business since 2006. We will do everything possible to meet your requirements and to delight you with the quality of our service and thoroughness of our efforts.

We’ll identify what’s been motivating your career choices, we’ll bring to life and honour the things about the work that you love, and we’ll dig deep into your values and see how they align with employers and the corporate culture.

During the program we will work on stress reduction strategies and help you get (or stay) healthy during your transitions, along with building confidence for peak performance, and overcoming any obstacles. You will be on the right path that aligns with your life’s purpose and your career goals. 


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