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Paul Statchuk – Sales is a Marathon

Paul Statchuk – Sales Marathon

Listen to “Sales is a Marathon” on Spreaker.

Paul Statchuk has over 10 years of Enterprise Account Management Experience, starting his career with Ricoh, before moving onto Epicor. He has now been with Nulogy Corporation for the past 5 years where he currently managing Nulogy’s largest and most strategic accounts.

Paul’s passion for sales is driven by a burning desire to win; Paul played golf at the Collegiate level and was a competitive hockey and baseball player growing up.

Today, Paul is a family man with a 1-year old son, and also enjoys the occasional running race; Paul has completed 65 marathons in 6 different countries.

Never shy down from asking questions. I think as sales people, often times we want to do a lot of talking, a lot of telling on. I think the most successful people that I’ve worked with are seen being successful are often curious. So if you’re looking to get into sales, drop a line to the VP of Sales of a company that you’re interested in, or like, or buy from, and ask them to pick their brain, ask them what makes them successful. Ask them what makes a successful member of their team go to sales events?  There are a lot of sales events, like sales meeting up here in Toronto, across the Country, sales conferences, sales podcast like yours…. I would encourage them to do as much investigation as possible if they’re truly considering selling as a career or they’re passionate about it and want to get better.