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Now on Amazon: ‘The Book On Podcasting: Podcast for Personal & Professional Development’ Offers Advice and Insight for Active and Aspiring Podcasters From Experienced Podcaster, Recruiter, and Life Coach Alexander Laurin

Alexander Laurin’s new paperback and ebook offers advice for new and experienced podcasters on how to achieve a life of success through the creation of a podcast


A new book aimed at helping new and experienced podcasters make the most of – and get the most out of – their podcast productions has just been released on Amazon. The Book On Podcasting: Podcast for Personal and Professional Development is available in paperback, and the Kindle e-book download is compatible with most devices. An audiobook version is coming soon.


Author Alexander Laurin, Executive Sales Recruiter, Certified professional life coach,  and International Coaching Federation member, decided to write the book so his often hard-earned experience can help others who currently produce podcasts, or want to begin podcasting. The Book On Podcasting: Podcast for Personal and Professional Development offers insights into the podcasting industry, opportunities to quickly achieve credibility and authority, tips on how to use a podcast for a business, discusses various possible monetization models, and shares many of the insights that come from podcasting with positive intention.


The term “podcast” was first mentioned by Ben Hammersley in a 2004 Guardian newspaper article in which he listed possible names for this booming new medium. “Pod of podcast is borrowed from Apple’s iPod digital media player, while “cast is taken from radio’s “broadcast” term. Podcasts are digital audio files available on the internet for live-streaming or downloading to a computer or mobile device (not necessarily an iPod). They are hosted on a variety of websites, usually offered free to listeners, and often are available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.



Podcasting is a booming industry. New research shows that 112 million Americans over the age of 12 have listened to a podcast at some point, up 40 percent from 2016 figures. In 2017, 67 million people – or 24 percent of Americans – reported listening to a podcast at least monthly, up 14 percent in one year. The rapid growth of the medium offers opportunities for people in all walks of life, and Laurin – host of “The Biggest Win Sales Podcast” – says his goal with The Book On Podcasting: Podcast for Personal and Professional Development is to convey the knowledge he gained through trial-and-error to help others avoid making the same mistakes he made early on. Podcasting can be a transformative life experience, he said, but learning how to create a successful podcast can be a rewarding endeavor.


“I wrote this book because I discovered that when I began my podcasting journey, my life changed drastically for the better – so many new things were happening to me and the podcast was my companion during this time. I learned that the podcast is so versatile that it can change lives in many different ways, and I felt that I needed to share this message with the world,” Laurin explained. “I think people podcast for fun, but a large segment of people want to podcast for money. Money seems to have become the pinnacle of success. I used to think money meant success, too, but even after I made a lot of money during my career, I realized that my life still felt empty. You can earn money and you can lose money, but ultimately success is a state of happiness to hold on to, each and every day.”


 “I discovered that creating a podcast focused on positive messaging and happiness ultimately created more positivity for me. You can’t escape disasters here and there, but if you focus on living a positive, happy life, that is what you will begin to achieve. Not only did I learn that, but also that I could create a legacy in the process, reinvent myself, and create new relationships with people all over the world. I could gain authority, and have enormous amounts of fun. I discovered podcasting to be one of the greatest tools to help any individual achieve happiness. I decided to write the book to show my proof of this, and plant the seeds for other people to learn that they, too, can have the life that they desire and deserve.”


The book’s content includes sections dedicated to the formula for creating a successful podcast, determining one’s messaging, how – and whether – to make podcasting into a business, how to use podcasting to promote an existing business, setting and achieving goals, podcasting as an art form, and much more.


The Book On Podcasting: Podcast for Personal and Professional Development, is now available on Amazon. The Kindle e-book compatible with Windows and Apple computers and Android and Apple smartphones and tablets, is available on Amazon. 


About The Author

Alexander Laurin is the Owner and Founder of Zencareers, a North American Executive Sales Staffing Firm. He is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Career Coach, and the world’s first authentic Certified Podcaster’s Coach, with a membership to the International Coaching Federation. Alexander has been in the recruitment industry since 2005 and has represented and partnered with some of the world’s largest software companies.

When Alexander is not recruiting the top sales professionals in the Software and SaaS industries, he helps aspiring entrepreneurs and other recruiters implement successful marketing and authority-building strategies. Alexander is the host of The Biggest Win Sales Podcast, The Work Utopia Podcast, PODCASTERS, and The Micro Podcast Improv.





Q: Explain why you decided to write this book

A: I wrote this book because I discovered that when I begin my podcasting journey, my life changed drastically for the better. There were so many new things that were happening to me and the podcast was my companion during this time. I wrote this book because I learned that a podcast is so versatile that it can change lives in many different ways. I felt that I needed to share this message with the world. I think that people podcast for fun, but a large segment of people wants to podcast for money. Money to seems to have become the pinnacle of success. I used to think money meant success, too, but even after I made a lot of money during my career, I realized that it was empty in a way. You can earn money and you can lose money, but ultimately, success to me is a state of happiness to hold onto, each and every day.


I discovered podcasting might be one of the greatest tools to help any

individual achieve happiness. 


Q: What made you decide you wanted to become a podcaster?

A: I’m not really quite sure why I wanted to become a podcaster. I had a life-changing experience through listening to one podcast episode that I stumbled upon which focused on eliminating depression. This podcast helped me a great deal to overcome the depression that I had been suffering from for many years. The podcast directed me towards living a more spiritual life and helped me focus my attention on other people instead of myself, which ultimately eliminated my depressive state. A few years had passed and it seemed that my inner voice was telling me to begin a podcast. When the conditions were right, I started my journey and it has been amazing!


Q: How did you learn how to record and distribute a podcast?

A: Mostly, I taught myself. It was a combination of YouTube videos and listening to others like Cliff Ravenscraft and Daniel J. Lewis. Much of the time it was trial and error, and I think I spent way too much time learning how to podcast. There are so many voices out there that will tell you how to do it, so much advice regarding podcasting, and unfortunately I fell into that trap of over-information. That’s one of the reasons I created the startup podcast program to teach people how to create podcasts. I also offer them mentorship and support, removing all of the complications and unnecessary noise, and make it a very simple process. I think I should have taken some courses, listened to one voice…however, struggling to learn this way ultimately provided me with knowledge and insight that allows me to help other people.


Q: How did you learned about coaching?

A: In 2014, I was working in the staffing and recruiting industry and I knew in my heart I could be a great coach, too. I found that when I was dealing with my clients and candidates, the greatest skill that I possessed was the skill of active listening. Early in my career, I discovered that the world of staffing and recruiting subjected me to an enormous amount of negativity.  I would always answer the phone calls to the people who hated their jobs or disliked their managers.  I thought that if I had the tools, perhaps I could help other people flip misery upside-down.

I signed up for a weekend life coaching certification, then I began a Career Transition Coaching service. The weekend course was not the best approach and it required an enormous amount of self-study afterward, but I knew that I had the skills, patience, and heart to be a successful coach. In 2016, I signed up for a coaching program recognized by the International Coaching Federation, which is the largest and most prestigious coaching organizational body. This program was more intense and much more involving, and it gave me all the tools necessary to become a very effective coach. I feel that I have the training, expertise, and experience to allow me to make a positive impact in other people’s lives, and enter into a co-creative relationship where my clients create successful and positive lives for themselves.


If you are unhappy, or miserable, if you’re not getting along with people, whatever it is that you’re trying to do with your life, or create, will have all of your personal problems embedded within it. If you focus and work on creating a happy and successful life, this will translate into a much better podcast.


Q: What can readers expect to learn from your book?

A: Readers will discover some of the benefits of podcasting that they might not have considered before. It’s my hope that people will read the book, understand my ideas, and self-reflect on how they might already be on their way to achieving their own personal idea of success. I tried to share with the reader that success is not all about money. Rather, success is rather about living whole. Success is living a life with purpose and meaning. Success is possibly having a spiritual life. Success is a community. Of course, success is wealth and income – no argument there – but that is not the only definition of success. I hope that the reader or the podcaster reads this book and realizes how blessed and amazing that they already are. I think everyone really should start a podcast. If someone reads this book and doesn’t podcast, I certainly hope they begin their podcasting journey. A podcast can create happiness, or to leave a legacy for their family, or to even make friends, so many things! All the while, the podcast is a tool to achieve success, and at the same time, have a lot of fun.


Q: If you had to pick the three things that are most important to understand to produce a successful podcast, what would they be?

A: Number 1: Podcast on something that you love. Be sure that you love it. If you don’t love it, your podcast will probably have a short life. It’s not necessarily a bad thing if you create a podcast on a topic that you don’t love and it doesn’t work; perhaps that will be your cue to focus on something else. If this happens to you, stop your podcast and move on to the next topic that you are sure you love.


Number 2: Podcast with intention. When you create your podcast, ask yourself why you’re podcasting. Understand the purpose of your podcast. There’s nothing wrong with podcasting for fun, or to be wacky, or to get stuff off your mind. What I have found within the podcast community is that most podcasters have the intention of helping other people first. If this is one of your intentions, be sure to keep this in your heart and mind. If you understand the problems that people face, and you want to help them, try to provide solutions. Keep checking in with yourself on this.


Number 3: Manage your expectations. Podcasters who start their programs looking for a full-time income often get very disappointed within the first few months. This is a nice goal to have, but requires a lot of work and time; if this is your goal, make it a smart goal. You’ll need a certain amount of downloads or listens. You’ll need a large number of listeners. There are overnight sensations, I think, but the odds of a podcaster “going viral” and making full-time income is not realistic. Keep learning as much as you can. Stick with it, and alter when necessary. If you’re going to be obsessed, make sure it’s a healthy obsession. I learned this the hard way – I hired a consultant who guaranteed me listens in the first 90 days, and I fell far short of that number. I created a bad podcasting environment for myself, but I managed to overcome this in a short amount of time. The early adopters in the podcast world seem to be reaping the greatest reward, but understand that they put a lot of time and effort into it. The good news is the market is not saturated with podcasts yet, but it is certainly going in that direction. In my opinion, people should create a podcast to improve their lives, have some fun, meet new people, and be part of a community. If you’re a business owner, you can have all of that and use your podcast as a marketing strategy. I don’t advise anyone to create a podcast and seek a full-time income unless they’re in a segment of the market that is not being fulfilled. If there is a gap someone discovers, with a podcast being the perfect fit, and if this is a dream or a goal, then absolutely go for it!




Alexander Laurin is an expert on podcasting; he is the world’s first authentic Podcaster’s Coach and an International Coaching Federation member.

  1. Podcasting for business is one of Laurin’s specialties. He teaches how to use a podcast as a tool for networking, content marketing, establishing yourself as an expert, and he can discuss several monetization strategies.
  2. Living well through podcasting is one of Laurin’s most groundbreaking principles. He shows how anyone, anywhere can develop and grow their podcast in a way that is authentic, ultimately leading to greater self-understanding and positivity.
  3. The idea that podcasting can be lonely is one of the greatest misunderstandings of the medium. Laurin shows readers and podcasters how to grow networks, make friends, and deepen existing relationships.





A successful life is one where you do what you love by not ignoring, nor remaining in conflict, with your inner voice. Learning to become more honest with yourself is an important part of living a good life.

– Chapter 4: Happiness



Currently, you have an amazing podcast community that will accept you with open arms. You can go to the world’s biggest podcast conference, podcast movement, smaller conferences and meetups, or you can hang out on Facebook. It will surprise you as to how nice the people are in the podcast community, and how willing they are to help you in any podcast related request, question, or need.

– Chapter 5: New & Enhanced Relationships



There was an episode where I seemed to settle, or close, a chapter of my life that was painful—pain that was not consciously present in my day to day living. It was an amazing, liberating experience, and I doubt I would have experienced it if it were not for my podcast.

– Chapter 6: Self Help & Podcast Pseudo Therapy



A business podcast can become an extension of yourself, a reflection of your brand, and an advertisement for your products or services.

– Chapter 7: Career & Business





Alexander offers workshops for small business and career professionals which explores the benefits and advantages of podcast content marketing. This inspirational talk is for both the aspiring and established podcaster that uncovers the various areas of success that all podcasters can happily achieve. 


Learn, Create, and Understand The Benefits of Podcast Creation for Your Business, Your Career, & Your Life!

1 hour  • Price varies


Become a Successful Podcaster – Find Meaning, Purpose, and Happiness Through Your Podcast

1 hour • Price varies



Please contact Alexander for availability and rates




Alexander Laurin

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The Book On Podcasting:

Podcast for Personal and Professional Development

$19.99 USD | $21.99 CDN | £14.99 GBP | €16.99

Paperback ISBN: 978-1984117557

Electronic Book ISBN 978-1-7752598-0-0

Audio Book ISBN 978-1-7752598-1-7




Take Alexander’s life transformation as proof that podcasts change lives. He’s on fire!

– John Lee Dumas, Host of Entrepreneur on Fire


Alexander’s book expanded my ideas about what a podcast is and what it could contribute to my life. The book is easy to read and packed with encouragement and insight. I am inspired me to keep creating.

– Dorena Rode, Host of Positive Change with Dorena


Through his podcast, and this book, he has become a credit and valuable resource for our podcasting community.

– Gary Leland, Host of The Crypto Cousins Podcast


Read this book and feel blessed that you are a podcaster. If you are not one yet, get on it! Do it for fun or business. Follow Alexander Laurin, the Podcaster’s Coach, and get inspired and grateful for the amazing, successful, podcasting journey that lies ahead of you.

– Raymond Aaron, New York Times Bestselling Author


The journey to being yourself begins with a single podcast.’ Alexander’s thought-provoking book shines a new light on podcasting and has given me a new perspective on how I approach my guests and show… and I’ve been interviewing for a decade.

Kurt Sasso


Alexander has offered an authentic look behind the scenes of podcasting and shown the truth about how this labor of love can be so satisfying. Anyone who is starting out in the podcast community, or even those of us who have been around for a minute, can glean heartwarming wisdom from his work here. Alexander’s coaching abilities are long lasting and very inspiring, I am proud to be a part of this community and involved in his work.

Rachel Reese


Alexander has written a book which is truly ground breaking.  His innovative approach is very refreshing in a world of sameness.

 Jonathan Senior


I was very impressed with the messages I found waiting for me in The Book on Podcasting. A true pioneer as the first Podcaster’s Coach, Alexander Laurin now appears to have found another niche to pioneer – a book on podcasting that truly shows its depth as a field – the tangible and intangible benefits that podcasting brings us all. I enjoyed realizing just how much happiness podcasting has brought me by reading Alexander’s work.

 Christina Eanes



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