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Jennifer King

Goal Setting For Sales Professionals

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It’s such a small percentage, less than two percent of population, that actually have written goals.  As sales people, we should absolutely have written goals. They should be goals that are important to us, not necessarily important to the company. So my goal might not include things like making my quota, because, really, that’s my job, so it’s not really a goal…it’s somebody else’s goal. But if I  made my quota, what does that represent to me? And that might be on the list, right? So maybe paying off my mortgage or buying a cottage or, you  know, having my kids go to private school or, you know, whatever is important. Those are the things that you want to work towards and when things start to get tough and you have to pick up the phone again for that call,  that you know it’s not going to go well, that’s when you look at the list and say, ’you know what, it’s worth it’.


Jennifer King would be considered a sales transformation specialist. She brings clarity and quantification to the sales organization with proven metrics and processes.  This includes People, Process, Culture and Infrastructure. She works with organizations that need to take their sales teams to the next level.

Jennifer’s biggest win was truly outstanding in dollars and impact, but the real wins are in passing this magic on and working with sales people in coaching and mentoring and reaching their goals.

An evangelist in the arena of Goal Setting and a life coach under Bob Proctor’s Life Success series, including Born Rich and Goal Setting,  Jennifer conducts seminars and public speaking not just in the high tech space but in how it applies to personal growth in all aspects of life.

An avid cycler and instructor with Goodlife Fitness, she brings this passion into the gym teaching cycling and yoga along with the goal setting that is needed in this environment.

Jennifer’s passion is the heart of sales.