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Jeff Goldstein – Building High Performance Teams and Leadership

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I learned a pretty interesting lesson all about hiring a team members and building a team. There are three vital ingredients for team members: they need to be humble, hungry, and smart. Humble, I think, everybody can relate to. They could be very high achievers and still very approachable. Hungry is all about working with people who want to-do… it’s not, hey that’s not my job, that’s the opposite, that’s not my job. Their motivation is to do a great job to take on more responsibility and those are people you want to surround yourself with. The third vital ingredient is smart and that’s not like book smart, that’s really about working with people who understand the impact of the words that they have on others.


Jeff Goldstein is currently the VP and general manager of Veeam Canada, a high growth software company specializing in Hyper Availability for the modern enterprise. Jeff joined Veeam in May 2016 and has grown the business by over 30% while scaling out the team across Canada.

Previously Jeff was the VP and general manager for NetApp Canada. In 2001, he helped open NetApp’s Canadian subsidiary and helped scale the business from 15 people and $17m in 2001 to over $220m in revenue and 125 people.

Before joining NetApp, Jeff was general manager of Data General Canada, a Division of EMC. He began as a regional manager at Data General Canada and during his tenure, he was honored with multiple Sales Manager of the Year awards, and in 1997 received the Top Subsidiary Worldwide award.

Jeff has more than 35 years of experience in sales and marketing and has also held positions at AVS Technologies Ltd. and Hewlett Packard.

Jeff earned a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering at the University of Waterloo and also holds a professional engineering designation

Jeff is married with two children (Zach and Ginny) and enjoys seeing the world with his wife Sandra. Jeff is a passionate golfer and sports car enthusiast.


The Ideal Team Player: How to Recognize and Cultivate The Three Essential Virtues Paperback – Jan 2016