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James Blackmore – Your Own Unique Way

One of the things that has certainly kept me aligned with the sales career – is that I view this whole concept of, you know, signing customers and relieving quota and making money, all of that is really a byproduct. If you just focus on doing your job really well and focus on enabling the customers to be able to achieve the things that they need to achieve, and you try to help add value and be part of that, in your own unique way, all of the rest will come.  By doing that it becomes less of a grind and more of a value added helping sort of a thing.   I think it’s is certainly more motivating, it’s more rewarding, it’s more fulfilling, and in many ways, the way I think about sales.

Born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, James Blackmore went to the University of Ottawa but didn’t really know what he was doing there. He decided to go into music.

He came to Toronto for a music recording school, but then decided against it when he realized I’d never make any money.

At 23 he was on his own in Toronto and had to figure out exactly how he was going to make something of myself. He was ambitious, outgoing and willing to work hard so sales was a natural fit, although he didn’t realize it at the time.

From Quiznos for $8 an hour, 32 hours a week to Moneymart for an extra $1 an hour and a 40 hour week to landing at WBR, (Worldwide Business Research) making 100+ cold calls a day to sell attendees on business conferences.

From there he landed a job as a very junior sales rep at a small software company on Bay St. that made practice management software for lawyers. He was there for 3 years and was promoted twice
Then a big jump to NetSuite which was his introduction to truly professional software sales. Longer cycles, 5-6 figure deals, managing multiple resources on a deal, working with C levels at small companies . . . a great experience.

Today James works for Plex and lead Plex’s efforts at selling into Canada. It’s challenging and also very rewarding for him. Manufacturing is a big part of Ontario’s economy and it’s an honor for James to work with local manufacturers to help improve their operational effectivity.