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Ira Wolfe – Sales Success Coach

Ira Wolfe – Sales Success Coach

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Staying open minded is a big deal, but i think you have to do a lot of self talk.  In sales, like other professions, we’re only as good it’s, how we feel -what are anxious about, where we are mentally… and if you lose that, then you’re in trouble. People go into field slumps, and as a result, they get further down, and it’s hard climbing up. So you have to have some a built in system, or some method, in where you’re able to deal with it. So, for instance, if you get rejection, do you have something in place to deal with rejection?  I always tell people that they have to understand that it’s not a personal thing, because people do take it personal. So the question is, what system do you have in place? How do you deal with things that come up that will keep you in your a game? You have to stay motivated. You have to. You have to be in there…they have to get out there and do it.

He started selling at 17 years old and in his first week he made $ 500, and the second week $ 1500. This was 39 years ago. Since then he’s gone on over 8000 appointments.

Ira has studied everything related to sales. Study, go out there and try. he learned what worked and want didn’t.

He’s a certified professional coach through iPec coaching, and specializing is sales coaching. He’s a NLP practitioner and a consultant/trainer in LAB Profiling (Language and behaviour profiling which is based on NLP).

Ira believes that anybody can be great in sales if they have the aptitude and the desire.