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Harsh Sabikhi – Adapting To Change

Listen to “Adapting To Change” on Spreaker.


I never stop learning. I’m always constantly changing and adapting to change. The technology industry is very fast paced. It will leave behind professionals who are resistant to change. You go on LinkedIn and you’ll see all these articles on change management and what not – all these agile scrum and all these methodologies that are coming into place. The speed and the pace of change is only accelerating….and that’s showing no signs of stopping. You can never stop learning. You always have to be constantly changing and adapting to change.


Harsh Sabikhi studied Electrical Engineering in school with an emphasis on computers and software. Right out of school, he worked for a fortune 80 company as a Software Engineer and then quickly realized that his calling was in Sales. He learned the basics with Texas Instruments and then transitioned into Sales in 2006. Harsh started off in hardware sales and then transitioned into software with MKS which got purchased by PTC first as a sales engineer before transitioning into a software sales. After a brief stint at a Silicon Valley startup, he decided to join pre-IPO companies first with Rally Software (which got acquired by CA). At Rally, he started Rally Canada and was their first employee. He grew the business 8x within 3 years. After the acquisition by CA, Harsh moved on to GitHub where he is currently the Country Manager for Canada.