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Doug Churchill – Building Meaningful Long Term Relationships

Building Meaningful Long Term Relationships

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I have become a bit of a consumer of information.  I just have to stay on top of things. I don’t find that there’s too much reading that you can do, there’s not too many podcast you can listen to, there’s not too many tech shows or videos you can watch.  I find i have to spend my time at it and you know what,  I actually really joy so.  It makes it easier…I do truly love what technology is doing for us today.  I think what got me into this space to begin with was this it is curiosity about how technology could solve problems and I just love reading about, whether it’s reading about CES Show, or reading about the newest release of a particular technology….. it’s just staying up to date with it.  I’m a bit of a geek that way.  I find that stuff interesting and I stay on top of it and I think what we’re seeing today, especially, has been remarkable in terms of how how people are coming up with new solutions, solving problems, and finding new ways to do it. The technology that we’ve had in the past, which has gotten us so far, is really being usurped by all of this new ways of using it and I just think there’s great solutions out there that clever people are coming up with and I just love to read about it.

A results-driven, transformational leader with a superior EQ recognized for his ability to build, manage and motivate teams, while delivering stellar growth worldwide.

A high energy leader, Doug Chruchill is known for exceeding goals by developing and nourishing meaningful long term relationships with internal and external stakeholders across industry. A polished, positive and composed communicator, Doug leads from the front, developing trust and respect across multiple audiences. Intellectually curious with a demonstrated ability to develop winning strategies for multiple markets, he inspires teams to overachieve through a passion for creative coaching and motivating.

With over 15 years of broad- based progressive executive experience, Doug has proven himself as an executive leader and essential member of the senior leadership team. Starting his career in western Canada, Doug grew the consulting business Sybase consulting services, he quickly moved to CA Technologies, leading its public sector business from Ottawa. He then became Canadian General Manager for Verizon Canada in Toronto, before moving onto global sales leader for Solarsoft while supporting its sale to Epicor.

Doug led the reestablishment of the Solarsoft brand globally through the rebuild and transformation of the direct, channel and account management teams. This turnaround created the conditions necessary for the private equity ownership to secure a very lucrative exit. Doug remained with Epicor assisting the transition and leading multiple business lines.

Most recently Doug has been assisting small to medium technology businesses grow out their SaaS solutions.