Alexander Laurin

Sales Recruitment, Executive Recruiter, and Career Coach

Alexander Laurin, General Manager at Zencareers, works with a variety of individuals from CEO-VP & Manager-Employee.

In Recruiting, he works with Executive Sales and Leadership groups and has represented and partnered with some of the world’s largest software companies like Oracle,, BMC Software, and Sungard. He is well known in the Talent Acquisition Industry.

In Coaching, he help corporate professionals transition from the dissatisfaction and unhappy routine of their work, into a new role that gives greater purpose, enableing them to generate real value, and provide a greater reason to get out of bed in the morning. He helps people who are happy with their career, move forward with new habits and determinations, allowing for greater engagement and advancement.

Alexander has been a very pleasant surprise. I have spoken to many recruiters who have promised much and have delivered little. Alexander's strength is his listening and understanding of the problem I am trying to solve. He then translates that into matching candidates who fit the bill. As batting averages go, he is a hall of famer.

VP of Worlwide Sales                 
FrancoisAccount Executive

Alexander was instrumental in my search for a new career. Alexander's approach was very structured with weekly conference calls and exercises (which I had to prepare in advance). I was lost and didn't know where to focus my career. Alexander helped me with my strengths, my skill set, my purpose, values, and an understanding of the ideal work environment and culture that fit my personality. Alexander gave me the motivation I had lost to get out there and find the perfect job opportunity.

I had the pleasure of working with Alexander in pursuit of the Vice President position at Solarsoft. Alexander was hardworking, honest and perseverance throughout the process. Alexander helped me to navigate the organization and provided perspective on the value of this opportunity versus others. Thoughtful and trustworthy, Alexander demonstrated a keen attention to detail that ensured that this opportunity was truly mutually beneficial. I highly recommend Alexander and would gladly work with him again.

VP of Sales                 

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