Career Coaching

The Career CATCH program is designed with the following in mind:

  • CERTAINTY in your Career Direction.
  • A Predictable Path Toward Career ADVANCEMENT.
  • Full use of your TALENT and Skills.
  • A CHECKED-IN Mentality While at the Office.
  •  HEALTHY State of Mind and Body.

We’ll identify what’s been motivating your career choices, we’ll bring to life and honour the things about the work that you love, and we’ll dig deep into your values and see how they align with employers and the corporate culture.

During the program we will work on stress reduction strategies and help you get (or stay) healthy during your transitions, along with building confidence for peak performance, and overcoming any obstacles. You will be on the right path that aligns with your life’s purpose and your career goals. 

Do You Need?

  • A Better Focus on What you Want?
  • To Get the Priorities of Your Life in Order?
  • A Clearer Career Picture that’s Right for You?
  • A Proud Looking Resume that will get a Decision Maker's Attention?
  • To Take Advantage of Personal Branding with Social Media?
  • More Search Strategies that will Maximize the Full Value of your Time?

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