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Al Akdari – Lead with Authenticity

Lead with Authenticity

Listen to “Take The Bad To Ultimately Get To The Good” on Spreaker.
Al Akdari leads the Canadian Public Sector business and strategic accounts at one of the fastest growing SaaS companies today, MongoDB.  He brings 15 years of software sales experience at organizations from start-ups, mid-sized pre-IPO and Billion dollar publicly and privately held enterprises.  Over the course of his career he’s seen a shift from the perpetual license client/server days of the 2000s to the Open Source & SaaS delivery models of today.

I think there are a couple different pressures that are aligning that causes us to focus on the short term…end and plus one quarters or plus two quarters rather than the long term picture. One is, from a career standpoint, sales professionals are switching roles I believe quicker now than they used to so you will look through people’s resumes and they’ll be with an organization you know, one two three years rather than a really committed long term perspective – in the past where people would be with organizations for their entire career you know, twenty thirty years – it’s very difficult now to retain ambitious and exceptional talent within our competitive environment so we’re constantly bombarded with different offers, always throwing very attractive packages at us that cause us to reconsider where we are. There’s a velocity increase in the way that professionals are moving within the industry. Organization’s realize this too and the projection from a financial perspective of a profit making organization is we need to look at what are expected life span for that rep is, if we think they’re only going to be with our organization for one and a half years on average then how much can we invest into their training if you spend six months training an individual and they’re gone within the next year – you paid them for one third of the year and or one third of their time and then the other two thirds is when they actually contributed back to the organization, which makes it very difficult, financially to justify. So I think we’re all pressured by profit….profit contribution, revenue growth and immediate return. We don’t have much of an incentive for a long term partnership and long term goals and as an individual with a corporation.