Our efforts allow you and your executives to focus on the day-to-day operation of your business, while we concentrate on the time consuming task of finding the best-qualified candidates.


Our mission is to provide the best talent for your recruiting needs. We are committed to providing recruiting services of the highest quality. In the course of our searches, we adhere to high ethical standards and an extremely demanding code of integrity, objectivity and confidentiality. 

We conduct an intensive, carefully targeted, recruiting effort.

Our Services:

  • Contact the proven talent
  • Source and uncover passive job seekers
  • Assess work experience and acheivements
  • Provide thorough behavioral interviews
  • Schedule and coordinate interviews
  • Negotiate for all parties involved
  • Ensure that the talent is 'on board'
  • Successfully facilitate a smooth transition
  • Follow up and maintain a regular dialogue


Career Coaching

Some of the various reasons why people look for Career Coaching include:

  • Career direction and career path design.
  • Personal growth in matters of professional development.
  • Assistance with the development of new skill sets, such as management skills.
  • Transitioning into an all new career.
  • Help with obtaining a new job.
  • To maximize full potential.


Responsible organizations who support individuals who are exiting the business.

  • Help re-orienting employees in the job market
  • Practical advice.
  • Individual one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Career guidance, evaluation, and job search assistance.
  • Resume and interview preparation.
  • Structure and guidance toward  new career options


Alexander Laurin, is best known as the Podcaster's Coach.   He has been worked with talent acquisition and management since 2005.



 Awaken Your Career!

Life a life full of happiness and purpose.  Change your mind and  move into the direction of fulfillment.  Make the changes necessary to reach your full potential and to take advance of this life that's been given to you.